"No-one has ever become

poor by giving."

—Anne Frank

Find purpose in raising your brothers and sisters up!

At BASIC BCS, we go deep—versus wide—with the families we help to support as they walk through crisis.

The human experience includes struggle and suffering. And in the midst of crisis, people often feel they’re in a world where they don’t belong. They simply don’t know where to turn for support.

When you question whether you matter, that’s when finding your faith—the grace of God’s infinite love—is so critical and life-altering. We provide financial support through a four-month program or a one-time gift to those facing crisis. Our goal is to help people understand that they aren’t defined by tragedy. 

While making room for those who are suffering to get back on their feet, we also offer the opportunity to enter into a powerful relationship with God—for the right reasons.

Nominate a family

Do you know a family who needs short-term support or a one-time gift because of an unexpected crisis?


Blessed People, Bless People—Make a difference by donating to BASIC BCS today. Every cent of every dollar donated goes directly to funding our missions.

Share your story

Could you serve as an inspiration to someone who is suffering? Share your story of struggle and how your faith helped you to overcome it.

Three ways you can get involved

It’s impossible to give selflessly and not feel better. Look at the options below for ways you can get involved and make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors.