Jasmyne's Mountain

​Jasmyne was like any other beautiful and vivacious 17 year old—enjoying the last years of high school and looking forward to college. Jasmyne came down with a cough and was diagnosed with cancer. She had a mass at the base of her esophagus. Due to a late-stage diagnosis, it had grown exponentially. She was rushed to surgery and began chemotherapy treatments. On several occasions, her parents were sure they had lost her. Due to Jasmyne's age and voids in insurance coverage the enormous expenses financially drained her parents.

After meeting her father, we knew we needed to help! Marc was in the process of selling his very high-end mountain bike at a local bike shop in order to raise money for the continuing costs of Jasmyne’s treatments. After a short conversation with the bike shop owner, we decided that a raffle could raise more money. All of the money raised helped to cover the cost of treatments, as well as helped with college tuition at Kennesaw State University for Jasmyne.


Terri had suffered a brain aneurysm and was hospitalized for months. Her family could not afford to pay the bills. Basic BCS paid her mortgage, while she was in the hospital so that she wouldn't lose her home.


Julie's husband had just passed away of skin cancer. The family was already struggling because he had lost his job shortly before he passed away. Basic BCS stepped in and helped Julie pay for her husband's funeral.


A young lady's apartment was broken into and she was raped. She was having nightmares and did not feel safe or comfortable in that apartment any longer. We assisted her in relocating and setting herself up in a new place.


Real people facing every day crisis